One card for all your credit essentials

  • Move cash into your bank account with Money Transfers (Fees and Terms apply)
  • Starting credit limit of £250 to £1,200
Picture of the Opus Credit Card

Don't Forget

If you don’t make payments on time or stay within your credit limit, you’ll pay extra charges and getting credit in the future may be more expensive and difficult.

Move cash straight into your bank account

When only cash will do, a money transfer is the smart way to access cash from your opus credit card. It’s quick and easy to arrange. And it can be cheaper than taking money out from a cash machine.

Everything you need to stay in control

We know what life’s like. So we’ve created a credit card that helps you manage yours. From money transfers to text reminders that help you stay on track, we’re here to keep you moving from one day to the next.

Who we are

At opus, we’re all about keeping things simple. Find out more about what makes us tick.

Apply for your card

Checked eligibility? Ready to go? It’s quick and easy to apply for an opus card. Apply now and get a response in minutes.

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£250 - £1,200 Credit limit

We’re here to help you stay on track. So we won’t offer you more than we think you can afford.

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Flexible payment dates

If you need to, you can change the date your card repayments are due, up to three times a year.

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Check your eligibility

Find out if you’re likely to be approved or declined, before you apply. And using our FastCheck tool won’t harm your credit rating.

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Text reminders

We‘ll send you a text alert when your next payment is due. Or if you go over your credit limit.